Enjoy the Sunshine in Boise’s Parks

The sun is shining brightly and all of the snow has melted off the ground. Everywhere you go, foot, bike, and skateboard traffic has increased exponentially. When you go outside, you like to stay out as long as possible and enjoy the warmth of spring. But apart from walking along the sidewalks in your neighborhood and in the parking lot as you go to work, where can you go to enjoy the sunshine? If you live, or want to live, in Boise, you are in luck! The city of Boise is dotted with parks and trails suited just perfectly to your needs.

Parks Downtown

Downtown Boise is more than concrete and asphalt. Several parks are located just off the main roads. The most central of these are Ann Morrison Park, Julia Davis Park, and Municipal Park. Peaceful Ann Morrison and Julia Davis are literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from some of Idaho’s busiest streets.

Anne Morrison contains several large playing fields, so you can play a game of Frisbee, football, or soccer. It is also the exit point for people who float the Boise River, and an excellent spot to have a picnic after a long day on the river. If you would rather kick back and relax, the large fountain in the center of the park also provides a peaceful atmosphere.

Julia Davis park is a park of many features. Although it is not as wide open as Ann Morrison Park, the Discovery Center, a science learning center, Zoo Boise, and a large rose garden are all incorporated in or near Julia Davis Park. The park also has free access tennis courts and horseshoe courses. So whether you want to see exotic wild animals, take a scientific self-guided tour, or stop and smell the roses, Julia Davis Park will meet your needs.

Municipal Park is considerably smaller than Julia Davis and Ann Morrison. This park is an excellent place for various types of gatherings or work parties, since it has 11 ready to be reserved picnic sites. Large trees provide shade, but do not infringe on activities if you want to play games.

Nature Parks

Boise residents are proud of the wildlife that lives near the city. Because of this, several tracts of land have been set aside as wildlife preserves or natural gardens. The Botanical Gardens, located on the border between the foothills and the city, are home to exhibits of Idaho’s many plant species. It is also close to the historic Idaho Penitentiary and trails that lead up to Table Rock, where you can look out on the valley. Albertsons’ Park, located on the opposite side of town from the gardens, is a wildlife preserve with water features and walking trails. As you walk through this park, you will most likely catch sight of an elegant deer as it picks through the trees.

Boise Greenbelt

Many of these parks are interconnected by the Boise River Greenbelt. This park is unusual; it does not have sports fields or playground equipment. This is because it spans a 22 mile portion of the Boise River. The greenbelt is a paved path that follows the Boise River throughout downtown and the surrounding areas. It passes through multiple city parks along its course and provides an avenue for transportation and enjoyment alike.

Boise is a city covered in wonderful parks, most neighborhoods have access to smaller parks, and most of these parks have water features that invite wildlife like ducks and geese to visit. If you are searching for a city with ample outdoor enjoyment opportunities, Boise is the place for you. So take a quick walk around to discover the parks near you, or travel downtown to visit some of the beautiful parks located there.